Koh Samui Go Karting

There's a hundred and one things to do on Samui that involve the beauties of nature but not that much that's all about gut-ripping fun. But the Samui Go Karting track is one of several exceptions to this rule!

Located not very far outside Chaweng, just past the Ring Road traffic lights in Bo Phut, is excellent fun for both adults and children alike.

The track itself is quite big, and the layout allows for a varied and challenging circuit, where the sheer thrill of close to the ground speed is combined with the necessary skills to remain on the track.

There's a choice of carts available, ranging from "Fun" (only frightens you a bit) to "Pro" (between the two extremes) and the fastest one, "Speed" (scares the hell out of you! - 100 KPH 3 inches off the ground will do this.)

The prices charged vary accordingly: the princely sum of 300 Baht will buy you 12 minutes of basic 'Fun' and the top of the range 'Pro' carts will separate you from 400 Baht for the same amount of time.

There is a discount pricing-system in place: pay for (say) 20 minutes up-front and you'll be discounted on the overall price-per-minute. (However this doesn't apply if you've paid for your 12 minutes and then discover you're having too good a time to come off the track!)

Safety is a prime consideration, and the track is well padded, the karts have solid guards and helmets are compulsory. Children are only permitted to use the basic karts.

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